[ENHANCEMENT] Fitting Rotated Footage to Frame

mhilkemeijer Posts: 39 Enthusiast

If you rotate a clip or layer and then choose Transform -> Fit To Frame (Width/Height), the Rotation is reset to 0. One wouldn't set the rotation if they want it to be reset, so it would be nice if Fit To Frame would act along.

Expected behavior (in accordance with how it functions currently, but in case of a rotated clip/layer):

  • Fit To Frame Width: make the widest points of the clip/layer touch the left and right edges of the frame;
  • Fit To Frame Height: making the highest and lowest points of the clip/layer touch the top and bottom of the frame;
  • Fit To Frame: setting the scale of the clip/layer to the exact size so that it fills the entire frame (whether rotated or not), meaning that in case there is no transparency within the clip/layer, it's to the exact point of there being no transpancy left in the frame.

You could instead consider Fit To Frame to be keeping the clip/layer in the frame completely, but that would be similar to whichever would be smallest of Fit To Frame Width and Fit To Frame Height. In that case I feel like there should be a Fill Frame option as feature that acts as described (but for a non-rotated clip/layer, Fit To Frame does exactly that).