[ENHANCEMENT] Allowing calculations in number fields

mhilkemeijer Posts: 39 Enthusiast
edited December 2020 in HitFilm

It'd be really nice if we can use arithmetic operators, most notably: + - * / ( ) , as a value inside of any number text field. Currently only numbers/digits/integers are allowed to be entered.

Truly any number field could benefit from it, whether it's the project's or composite shot's width or height, a layer or clip's scale, anchor point, position, rotation, opacity, effect values, etc, it would make things so much easier if we could simply enter and submit the calculation with HitFilm figuring out the result.

Many programming languages do this automatically, so it could be that it would already work if HitFilm would simply allow those characters to be entered. The only thing is that the minimum and maximum allowed values need to be taken into consideration (that a value doesn't get lower or higher than allowed) and for it to reset (not consider the calculation) if it's invalid or has no result (like when doing /0).

Thanks for the consideration!