Plugins for Hitfilm pro

Timelim Posts: 5 Just Starting Out

I was wondering how you can install plugins for hitfilm pro. I installed twixtor but I have no idea of how to actually make it show up in hitfilm?! Please help!


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,693 Ambassador

    I don't have Twixtor but plug ins should populate in your effects panel. Try typing "Twixtor" into the Effects Panel search bar. Otherwise you should find a tab in the list that says either "Re:Vision," "Twixtor" or something similar.

  • Timelim
    Timelim Posts: 5 Just Starting Out

    I've tried those options but nothing shows up, I think the issue lies in the fact that I have no idea where to put The actual files I dowload (plugin files) Is there a folder where I need to put Them? I kinda wish there were more tutorials regarding this kind of stuff on YT.

  • NormanPCN
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    You, the user, do not put OpenFX (OFX) plug-ins anywhere. The installer for the plugin does that. OpenFX plugins are installed in

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX

    You should see the Hitfilm Pro bundled mocha and Boris plugins installed there. The twixtor plugin should be there as well. Anywhere within that folder hierarchy.

    For example, some NewBlueFx plugins I have are installed in this location.

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\NewBlueFX

  • Timelim
    Timelim Posts: 5 Just Starting Out

    Thank you, That does make sense, however, even tho I have boris and mocha which came along, the only thing That makes me slightly worried is the fact that I cannot find OFX anywhere, not under common files anyways. But as you explained, maybe I dont have to, Thanks!

  • FilmSensei
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    It is very possible that I did it wrong, but I installed both the Orb and Saber Plugins to...

    C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\Plugins

    They work just fine, so there is that! 😁