Audio plays but video doesn't render

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Just learning HitFilm express. I have created a project and imported an audio track which is a few verses of a hymn being sung. That works. Then I added a video track which shows texts for the various verses, which I have synched to the video so they show at the right time. They are dark text on yellow background. It all works like I expected it to when I play it in the view window. The verses show and transition as the music plays.

The problem is that when I export it to an .mp4 file, the audio plays but the video track doesn't have anything in it. I'm using Hitfilm Express version 15.2. I suspect it is something simple that I haven't discovered yet. Any suggestions?


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    not sure if you have resolved this in the last couple of days, but I have noticed that if your using Win10 default video player (Movie and TV) it sometimes does not like the format spat out by Hitfilm. Try playing it with either classic MediaPlayer or somethink like VLC player. See if this resolves the issue. Also maybe try export to AVI see if that sorts it.

    Hope that helps.


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    Thanks for replying Andy. I use VLC as a default already, but the video also doesn't show with windows media player. I haven't figured out how to export in .avi yet. But earlier I did a project with a composite shot and everything worked so I'm thinking my settings as .mp4 should still work. The only difference I can see is this project doesn't use a composite shot window. If it helps any, I have attached a screenshot. --Lynn

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    This question has been solved on another forum. I needed a plane on which to display the text.