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I've got a really good video clip but their is some dialog that isn't appropriate that I'd like to remove. I know how to remove it in Audacity but I can't figure out how to convert the audio portion to MP3 / WAV / or something that is Audacity can under stand. Can I perform the same function in HitFilm?

I'm open to suggestions



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  • EvilDaystar
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    Ok ... so if I understood this correctly, you have a video that has some audio you would like to remove using Audacity.

    So in HitFilm, you could export the video file out out as audio only either as WAV (PCM Audio Only profile) or MP4 (AAC Audio Only) edit it in audacity and import it into HitFilm as an audio file. Then just line it up.


  • Triem23
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    Yeah, you can't do it in Hitfilm. @EvilDaystar has the correct workflow here.

  • JagMods
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    Thank you Gentlemen for your quick response. @EvilDaystar; this is exactly what I'm up to. removing the inappropriate sounds easy on paper, but the actual process is proving to be a bit more difficult to isolate the frequency. this is for my YouTube channe JagMods so trying to isolate the voice over an engine is proving to be a bit difficult.

    thank you again for your quick response.