Now coming out with tutorials. Starting off with particle dynamics in 3ds max 2020!

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Hi people!

I have been an avid fan of creating visual effects since 11 years back ish. I am particularly interested in more particle-focused work, rather than modelling and rigging. Thus, after collecting experience over the years, I am confident enough to release tutorials with keen focus on FumeFX by Sitni Sati and Krakatoa MX by Thinkbox. I thought of sharing my first two tutorials and I hope they are good enough for you to understand and follow IF you are interested.

This is a start of a series I am going to continue with for a long time I believe. Very exciting! :)

Fireball with FumeFX

Explosion with FumeFX

PLEASE do ask question if need be. PM me on here or on my channel. (Email removed by Moderator)



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