3D model animation problem

I was watching the tutorial on how to use the Foundry Camera Tracker to make a AT-ST move with the camera. When I imported the .ABC file, the model disappeared. This happened in the tutorial as well, but they fixed it by changing the world transform values. I don't know what's happening, but the .ABC file says "Material Mismatch" Could somebody please help?


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  • GrayMotion
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    The Material Mismatch is also present in the FXHome video as well. (at 4:08 marker)

    Did you adjust the World Transforms like the FXHome team did in the video?

    The material mismatch comes from a flawed glitchy version of Blender. I imagine if you take the model/alembic into a more recent version of Blender and re-export it the material mismatch should be might be cured.

  • spydurhank
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    Yup, @GrayMotion is correct.

    They used an old glitchy BETA version of Blender 2.8 to export the model but the 3D model itself has several issues that will destroy the animation.

    It has inverted faces.

    It has many, many overlapping vertices all over the mesh.

    The model was created with modifiers and the modifiers were used to generate the shading angle.

    All this stuff causes the mesh to be split along edges that are supposed to hold the shading angle in place.

    So you're basically exporting an object and alembic animation with geometry that does not match.

    So you'll need to do as @GrayMotion said, import the 3D model into a dedicated 3D... repair it... re-apply the alembic animation... then re-export.