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Hello! Has anyone or is it possible to do and animate that fire effect or at least similar to it what is in Fantastic Beats: Crimes of Grindelwald in the end scene ( and ) in HitFilm or if not can it be made in any other free program and import it there and use it there?


  • tddavis
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    @tAsuja19 In Hitfilm, you are limited to the particle simulator or thevpreset fire effects. Learning the particle sim effectively is a challenge and results are iffy unless you really know it.

    Blender is free but overall has an enormous learning curve. It can create some realistic fire though.

    The quickest and easiest method woukd be to search for pre made VFX effects from ActionVFX or ProductionCrate both have free assets as well as a ton to purchase. Chances are you can find some overlay footage there to suit your shot, or even reframe your shot to fit the footage.

    Hope this helps.

  • tasuja19
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    Yeah, it did help, I think I will stick to blender, but do I need to buy the 3D pack to import from blender to hitfilm not to get the watermark?

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    @tAsuja19 To import Blender models into Hitfilm Express yes, but to import an image sequence (I usually use PNG sequences but Open EXR is best quality) then no. Those can be imported with no add-on. With something like a fire effect, I'm not at all sure if the particle effect from Blender would translate to Hitfilm directly (I'm thinking no) so a sequence with alpha background is the way to go anyway.

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    other possibility to make fire is particle illusion standalone from boris fx. no cost, but you cannot combine film and particle-illusion to show the placement