Sound cutoff problem

mondeluz Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

So im trying to put togeather an animated video that I made in Source filmmaker, got no problem importing videos, however, once I import the video, sound of the video gets cutoff on the right side..... like near the end of the clip it just gets.....cut off..... idk do I fix this? I loaded the animations in source filmmaker once again to check if it was a problem within and it wasn' the animation program it works fine.....


  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,794 Ambassador

    Could be that your file contains stereo audio? Unfortunately, HF only imports audio as one combined track. You might try going to the Effects list then Audio and try changing Balance or Channel Levels.

    If you want discreet tracks in HF - drag your footage onto the timeline twice, unlink one of the video tracks with its audio track and delete the unlinked video track. Then use Balance or Channel Levels to separate Left and Right.

    Another option might be to use Audacity to read you video file and export the audio as a wav file and import it that way.