Who wants 3d model import without watermark in Hitfilm Express 16. Request to FXHOME for that.

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Hey guys, who wants the 3d model import feature in the next version of Hitfilm Express 16 without watermark. If you want, please request to FXHOME for that.


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    @DivyanshJoshi405 Your request doesn't fit the format as outlined in this post https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/53785/how-to-submit-a-feature-request-you-must-not-post-before-reading-these-instructions#latest Could you Edit the title to fit, but as a note, Express currently has model import support via an add-on package for that. Since it is a major bonus for Pro to have it included and sets Pro apart a bit from Express, I personally think it unlikely to add to Express without the add-on route, but I could be very mistaken as I am not FxHome staff.

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    As @tddavis said, you have not followed the proper format for feature requests.

    (Terry, I'm moving this out of "Feature Requests" to "General")

    Also, as I just said, I've moved this thread.

    Please note in the last year FXHOME has done it's "Pay What You Want" program which bundles together Express add-ons at a ridiculously discounted price. They have a current tier for Black Friday that is OVER 85% OFF the regular price.

    FXHOME has to make money to stay in business, and it is somewhat inappropriate to basically come in and say "Give me that thing for free." Buy the add-on.

    I'm also going to close this thread. There's really nothing more to add on the topic.

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