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I have a question what I would like to have answered before purchasing the pack, will the pack (Ultra Black Friday pack 69 EUR) be forever on my account with all the add-ons, that it's not a monthly pay?




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    Yes it is permanent for your current and all future versions of Express, unless stated otherwise in the future by FXhome.

    Question: Have you purchased any add-ons through the Pay What You Want feature of Express before? I almost missed this myself, but there are flat discounts available depending on what tier in the PWYW that youve purchased. I grabbed the Ultra Black Friday tier for €30, after purchasing the VFX artist for €39 in the past. Check your email inbox to see if youre eligable.

    Hope this helps.

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    @tAsuja19 While I am not an official employee of FxHome, I think I can safely assure you that all add-ons are a one -time purchase from FxHome. As far as I know that is one thing they take great pride in not having any subscription services. Now, some would argue that yearly update is a subscription but, in my opinion, that is not the case since the version you purchased last continues to work just without any further updates or new features should you not renew your update period unlike Adobe's subscription model where it just stops . Hope this helps to answer your concerns.

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    Thanks a lot for your answer! And if you dont mind asnwering 1 more question, will the add-ons stay on my account so i can switch them between computers? Ex. the computer where i have hitfilm it either breaks or i sell it, will the add-ons stay on my account so i can use it on another computer?

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    @tAsuja19 I did not notice it yesterday, but your question wasn't the right fit for Feature Request so I have m oved it to the General sub forum.

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    @tAsuja19 To clarify one last time, yes, your add-on purchases are permanent and attached to your account. Your account is tied to the e-mail account you've used to create it.

    Hitfilm Express activates on a single computer at a time. If you transfer your Hitfilm to another machine, make certain you deactivate on machine A before moving to machine B. You can do this in the File>Options>Activations menu. You can also manage your activations here: