Help with a video I want to make

Hi guys, I hope this is the right spot to post this.

So, I developed a chip and I want to make a presentation about it, like the aus rog presentations, where you have a motherboard and then the components kinda comes and get attached to the main chip, a bit like the ironman getting his armor parts ataching to his body, that kind of effect.

I was trying to find some futuristic or tutorials about tech but couldn't find anything like what about im looking for.

Anyone has or know some tutorial that could help me?

Best regards.


  • EvilDaystar
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    I'd recommend doing the motherboard type thing in a 3d modeling program like blender rather than in Hitfilm.

    You model and animate the parts there, render that out as a video and inport that into Hitfilm as a clip to do the rest of the presentation.

  • benedict_roffmarsh
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    Yes, I agree. This screams Blender or similar.

    If you do not already have skills in Blender (and I assume you don't seeing you asked) you either need to find a different way to tell the story or hire in someone who really does know - not only how to use Blender but how to use it to Tell Stories seeing you need the story to work seeing it is an advert.


  • tomdeniro
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    I know powerful product for design, simulation tools - is Autodesk Inventor, yes, it's no cheap