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Hello so when I import some clips, it's automatically zoomed in and i can move my view up down left and right, but when I press fit to frame, it fits 132% super low quality. In the left viewing video, its only 41-45% for viewing it and it's high quality. When I exported it I thought it would change but it stayed that quality. Anyone know how to help?


  • Dimipapa
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    try fitting to the horizontal or vertical instead, if that doesn't work try reducing the scale instead.

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    Nice. That's what I was thinking too..... but I'm not very experienced lol.

    Thank you


  • laconstantedeplanck
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    Hi @CSS_INtel, welcome to the forum :) The quality of the video is highly related to the frame height (what makes 1080p videos so great is the 1080 pixels of vertical resolution, not the 1920 pixels of horizontal res).

    So one thing that you need to consider when creating a new project is to choose your project's final resolution (ie, 1920x1080 (FullHD), 4K, etc.) and also the frame rate (24 fps, 25 fps or 30 fps mainly).

    If one of your clips does not match your desired final resolution, you'll need to adjust it so that the height of the frame (the vertical resolution) matches. So once the clip's in the timeline, right click on your clip -> Transform -> Fit to Frame Height. And that should do it.