Help with conversion settings from a avermedia live gamer portable 2 capture card

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I can't important the base footage so I'm trying to convert it using handbreak. But I can't get it to work. I'm assuming the conversion settings aren't right or something and I don't know what to st things to to get it to import to hitfilm.

The images are the info pulled of the footage from media info. What should my handbreak setting be?


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    Since it's AVC with standard audio, but in a .MOV container (quicktime, an outdated Apple format), literally renaming the file from .mov to .mp4 will get you up and running again - it's a compatible container and does not require QuickTime to be installed. No transcoding in handbrake necessary, which would normally be useful for e.g converting variable framerate -> constant framerate, however your file(s) are already good to go in constant framerate.

    If it's not directly available in the file explorer, open the file's properties by right clicking -> properties, see below image:

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    Ok, I'll try that out.

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