[Feature] ColorChecker card support

Sloloem Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

I've used HitFilm since like 2014, maybe even pre-Hitfilm 2, but I've always had to use it together with DaVinci Resolve because of the automatic color matcher feature.

I have a small color matcher card that has a grid of colors in the same layout as the XRite ColorChecker Classic. It appears to be a standard reference card of sorts with many companies printing compatible cards. Resolve has a feature where it can auto-generate a correction to neutral and accurate color for me once I trace the location of the card in the footage and line up a dot grid to the locations of each of the colored squares in a paused frame. From there I can apply a grade knowing I'm coming from a consistently well-balanced starting point in each clip.

I've been having a very hard time trying to figure out how to do this manually in HitFilm, so I love the feature but unfortunately Resolve hasn't been able to startup on my PC for a few years now for unknown reasons. Also I'd really like to do all my work within HitFilm itself instead, that would save me a decent amount of time so if this can make it into HitFilm in any way, shape, or form, it would be awesome.