How to add an element to a moving 3-d model?

This is likely my VFX / editing inexperience showing..... but this is driving me crazy. I'm using last Pro 11 version at the moment (due to ongoing project work and not wanting to 'change horses in the middle of the stream') although I have a pre-extended license for new versions thru 2021.

I have a 3-d model in a clip that is 'animated' in the clip to move in the simulated 3-d space relative to the camera to then look like it is moving in the simulated world. Part way thru the clip, I need to have a spot on the model "change appearance". I have a texture ready to apply to that model at that point. At the same point I also have a Hitfilm Pro 3-d effect appear that this model appearance change has to appear underneath (effect is smoke stuff... so the texture sandwiched between the model and the smoke effect will show somewhat.

Normally I am familiar with tracking and can do that most of the time for what I need .... but I find I can't apply tracking to a 3-D model or a control point layer that controls that model. I've tried hand tracking the spot with the texture, but there is enough "jitter" in that (no matter how carefully I try) to be unrealistic. I know that I can get a far better "tie" to the desired location with a 2 point "track". IF I could track it.

So... any suggestions on how to do this?

Otherwise, I'm going to go modify the model file's textures and import a second model and change THAT out at the point the change has to happen. Maybe that IS the easiest solution.




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    @JBaymore I'm a bit weak on models in Hitfilm, but I think you could use the process for engine emissions and duplicate the model drag it into the comp under the original and apply the 2nd texture to it. It's a little vague, I know, but only because I only vaguely know how to do it without going through the tutorial :)😁

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    Um, as always I cant interrupt what some type but I'll try.

    First - what is the change of appearance?

    Did you know - you can parent a 3D point to your model (layer) exactly were you want it by using the orthographic views (top, side, front, bottom, etc) and tie any effect or object you want to the point and it will stay with the point on the model.

    Or as Terry said use a second model and the Depth Source Layer option.

    So..if I had a model(s) that come towards me and then went away ... the model has say fire-e engines that you cant see from the front but can see after it passes you. Two identical models on the same point/path- different texture - Depth source will block the engine effects model until the other layer comes into view (passing you).

    Not explained well on the fly. I apologize.

    Probably not what your asking though?..

    The video below shows the basic idea. At mark 15:00 is how you parent points to a specific position on a 3D object. It not exactly how I go about it but it works just as well

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    How long is the project and how far along are you? I ask because @GrayMotion and @tddavis are spot on with the rigging and depth source tips, but HF 14 added an "Override Texture" feature where you can load textures into an embedded comp (or image layer). This allows you to point to the comp as the texture to animate the texture and change it mid-shot (needs to be an embedded comp to animate). I'm wondering if you can finish the rest, move to 15 just for the swap texture shot, render out then maybe revert back to 11. What you're saying about loading another model with modified textures and swapping on the timeline.

    @FilmSensei did a tutorial, but I'm having trouble finding it. Jay, am I just thinking of your "What's New in HF 14?" video?