CGA's MoGraphs: Lava Lamp Bubbles

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Lava Lamp Reminder that you CAN make Motion in HitFilm!

Hey all, first post of some of my MoGraph demos as I explore what's possible in HitFilm with 2d MogGraphs and where the software has some opportunities to improve. I'm pretty happy with the capabilities on this one!

*Made Exclusively in Express, NO PACKS*

The spitting and merging of bubbles is just a matter of using feathered masks, blurs and histogram crushes fed into luma Keys (to then find edges for bevels and drop shadows in daughter-comps). The 'roiling' of the circular bubbles is done with a cone blur that's parented to a point that's orbiting the center of the comp.

Making the little internal bubbles is accomplished through a happy accident of how drop shadow and set matte interact in a way that I haven't really figured out why or how it works myself. But the basis of the bubbles is the edges of the larger bubbles, blurred, squashed a bit in the Y direction, and then re-histogram crushed.

Font is Earth Orbiter, technique is from an apple motion tutorial by simon Ubsdell that I tried to stretch as far as I could take it. There's more places this can go to get that abstract motion-graphickey look...I Think I may debut a Tutorial channel with this one, so if you have any questions or double-dog dares for where to go with it until then, let me know here!

Anyway, if you have any questions about how to achieve this kind of effect and stuff just shoot me some replies and stuff, and at some point I'll start making some tutorial videos, because I think we need them in the user community so that folks can see how slick HitFilm can be!