Is official greatness started here on the fxhome forums

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So I was watching my fill of corridor digital and their VFX react series when they Sam, Niko and Freddie, went down memory lane About how they started on the FXhome forums as newbies and saw some early amazing work by another user using the early Hitfilm software and we're like we can do that at home wow..

Totally worth a watch


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    I saw that! The exact mention is at 4:04 minutes into the video... Sollthar Rules!!!

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    I'm shamelessly bumping this thread because the forum is so active that I feel it scrolled away too soon.

    Yes, Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital were very active members of the FXhome community years ago when they were in high school. Very impressive contributors too. (Awww, and they were just youngsters!) In the video linked above they reminisce with Freddie Wong about the old days on FXhome, and about another FXhome contributor "Sollthar" who blew them away with his videos. It's definitely worth a watch to see the history.

    You have to understand that "back in the day" there were far, far fewer resources and communities for video editing and special effects than what we have today. And a just-out-of-university guy named Josh Davies had started a small company dedicated to bringing greenscreen features and special effects compositing to the masses, at a price that students and amateurs could afford.

    It has been rewarding to watch the success of both FXhome and of Corridor Digital.