[Enhancement] Add Mocha 2021to HitFilm

HitFilmer10271 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out*
edited November 2020 in HitFilm

I see that Mocha has been updated. Can the newer version be added to Hitfilm?


  • Triem23
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    Mocha Hitfilm tends to lag about a year behind the stand-alone version (As does Mocha Ae). This is likely a marketing/licensing concern. Mocha Pro is $1300. Mocha Hitfilm is two of six modules - so a third of the program - for $50.

    You're more likely to see Mocha update to 2020.5 than 2021 at this point.

  • Anhoeng
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    Its revealed now that Boris and Mocha will be updated in Hitfilm 16. But i also think they are going to update it to Mocha 2020.5 instead of 2021.