Another clip for a Star Wars fan film..............

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Still working on a Star Wars fan film project. Have to work with resources I have available for many things...... no skills or time to do something like full animations of stormtrooper 3-D models for every shot and such ... so using some youtube greenscreens. Learning VFX and editing as I go with this project. Here's the latest WIP on this. It is close.......... but any suggestions are of course welcome.




  • Georgefilm
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    Very Nice and very realistic! Hope to see more of this project!!

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    Very good! A suggestion if not already done, i usually add a light wrap to any solid keyd layer sourcing my BG even if it is not a light clip because sometimes it still bleeds the color and adds realism

  • Hobbesvfx
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    Very good Troopers animation 👍️ Maybe you can try LUT's for colorgrading.

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    Thank you @Hobbesvfx @premierestudios @GeorgefilmLtd.

    I'll try to post more clips here as work continues to develop.

    I've already got light wrap set up on the troopers and the X-Wings.......... but have not done so on any of the multiple explosion elements though. For some reason I never even thought of that on those types of elements. I'll go play with that a bit. I would think that the brightness of the blast flame would "overcome" any tendency of the background light to affect the edges of that element though. Maybe on the dust/dirt/debris?

    I use a particular LUT on grade layers elsewhere in this production for a 'requisite' interior bar scene (how can you NOT have one?). But for the exterior shots, I haven't yet found one that I like. Any suggestions? I've found lots of free LUTs with various names of films associated with them... but never one specifically for Star Wars. (And of course LUTs also depend on the source of the source footage.) I've spent some time just applying the named ones to shots...... looking for a hit........... and nothing has popped out as "yeah... that's it!"



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    I like the VariCam LUT Library.

    My favorite LUT is Nicest709 but as you said I have got V-Log footage from my Panasonic FZ2000. But I get also good results when I apply the LUT to a 3D-model

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    That looks really good!

    Here are some tricks I would do:

    Try the grading transfer effect on the different elements to help get a more consistent color grade. You could use curves if you have a good eye for color grading. Probably a combo of both.

    Use blurs to vary the focus on stuff that is further away or closer. I'd put a slight (very slight) blur on the troopers. Then key frame it as they move closer to reduce the blur. Those flames in the background, add lots of blur. they are far away. Those Tie Fighters in the hanger, throw some blur on those!

    I like the slight camera push in you used. I use that a lot to bring a bit more life into these types of shots. I'd add a quick bit of shake during the explosion just to add some more intensity.

    Some lens dirt, flares, and film grain usually help give the little imperfections to make the scene seem more whole.