[ENHANCEMENT] Expand Grid Filter to generate Triangle and Hex grids & allow rotation of grid.

Triem23 Posts: 20,689 Ambassador

Tris and Hexes are the other two polys that tile into seamless grids with fixed orientation. Other shapes would require new filters, but I think this could be added to the existing Grid Filter.

Suggested Implementation:

  • Add a "Type" Drop Down Menu: Aabove the Point 1 controls. Here one would select Tri, Rectangle, Hex.
  • Point 1, Point 2 for Triangle Grid: Point 1 would be the top point of an equilateral tri while Point 2 would represent the bottom right corner, in keeping with the top left/bottom right nature of the extant rectangular grid.
  • Point 1, point 2 for Hex Grid: For a Hex Grid, assuming the grid is created with flat surfaces at top and bottom, Point 1 would define top left, point 2 would define bottom right. One issue I can see here is that the side angles would protrude past the given points. So, maybe aHex grid SHOULD be a different filter with a Center, Radius and Aspect Ratio control?
  • Add "Rotation" control: This would slot between the Point 1/2 controls and the Feather controls. Rotation should probably spin around Point 1. Sometimes it's nice to have a "diamond" grid, and for hexes, sometimes you want "points up."