Audio Visuals effects not working

fxhomer173436 Posts: 43 Just Starting Out*


So when I say "Not working" I mean it doesn't work after a certain point. As you can see (By the tittle) I try to make a audio visual for music related videos, but As I follow a tutorial to try make one, the editor only works to a certain point and I can't do anything else. I tried to copy the exact way the guy from the tutorial has made it but, Like a said a few times now, it won't work to a certain point. I have the latest version of the editor that I'm aware of. So I don't know what could be causing this issue. I have tried maybe restarting the entire thing (Starting back from scratch) In-case I may have messed with something I never realised only to get to that point of the tutorial again and still got the same result. Link to the tutorial I was trying to follow is down below.

Video tutorial:

If anyone can help me out, that would be just AMAZING. Thank you!