Lamborghini car park scene render (3d model)

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Hey all, how could i improve these?.. check it out.. same model ive used before from sketchfab and background from google..


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    Once again, it's the lighting. basically with the bulbs above the car it's lit from above. The cast shadow on the car shows us you've put a catch light behind, but the highlights show us a light directly in front of the camera. Admittedly, this is a tricky one to light since the scene is dark and you have lots of little light sources, but look at that SUV on the left side of the background as reference.

    Actually, there's an old Hitfilm 2 Ultimate tutorial you should look at - it's about compositing a car into a garage, and has lots of great tips. There's one about getting the ambient occlusion between the tires and ground that will help, too. There have been some major improvements in 3D rendering since HF2U was out, but everything in this tutorial applies.

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    Well there is a bazillion amounts of info out there... all of it contradicting so you'll need to decide on your own what is valid for you and what is

    not. Yay... :)

    You'll need to train your eye to see the difference between bit depths, and color information, I also recommend learning lighting and shadow from simple sketching on paper. It'll help you when lighting 3D scenes and creating shaders for your 3D model.

    This first Prime pic is 8K png textures format using 8bits per channel in Hitfilm. It doesn't look bad but I can't color correct or color grade because 8bit textures clip very easily leaving a very dark image.

    Since 2008 I've used 128, 128, 128 for specular lighting... this is only necessary when using low poly game engine models that have low quality textures because... again... 8 bit textures are clipped very easily and you can't light 8bit textures with full 255, 255, 255 specular color because, one more time... ahem... the 8bit textures get blown out with any specular color and or visual effect preset that changes the specular light above 128, 128, 128. 8bit means that you're guaranteed to have an image that is way to dark or will be blown out.

    So if you know that you're using a low quality model, keep your lighting and any effects within the 128, 128, 128 range.

    This Prime is 8K exr textures format using 32bit linear float color. This one looks way better right out of the box.

    I can use the full color range of my textures and add effects without suffering any ill effects. Shading, lights, shadows and reflections look better too. It makes it way easier to generate masks too. :)

    Here are a few pics of how I composite. If you notice, I'm taking render passes from my software "Filmer" along with the entire 3D scene and importing that into Hitfilm for compositing so what I do is worlds apart from what the rest of the planet is doing. :)

    Here is a bit more. This Tie Fighter is mixed with a beauty pass from Filmer with global illumination, path tracing shadows and reflections.

    This render is only the 3D model without the beauty pass from above.

    Here's a bit more of the same proccess with a different model.

    This Bay Prime model is from Sketchfab so I didn't build it but I did have to extremely repair and modify it so that it would work with animations in Hitfilm... it was just an experiment anyway.

    This is a Generation 1 Prime model that I'm building but paused at the moment because I'm coding some modeling tools . :)

    Here are two demo videos of my compositing proccess. Once you see it... you'll see that there aint nothing like it on Earth... the ultimate compositing technique, created by a simple little Hitfilm user. :)

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    @spydurhank Ah, here you are showing off again (joke.)

    While I'm about to go into Blender to reshape the Arc Reactor on an Iron Man model I pulled from sketchfab (or was it Renderhub? I don't remember, I grabbed like ten different ones) into an equilateral triangle for a super-secret project that should amuse the few people who will get to see it. ;-)

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    @Triem23 You tease this, but I think I have a really good idea of what you are doing!!! 😁

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    Heh... show off? Me? :)

    Low poly, made out of curves so nothing is actually connected.

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    wow guys, thanks for these replies... epic stuff!.. To sum it all up... I really need to work on my lighting techniques .. Thanks !!!

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    okay, so i went back to the drawing board and did a little study, i'll show you these examples and we can work from here to improve..

    1. Floor and shadow with one light sitting above the lambo. Looks okay to me?..

    Floor and wall plains, not illuminated only set to cast shadows.. No shadow on the back wall because of position of light from study.. Light sitting in the same place as previous. I've only used light wrap as a new grade source is light.

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    @iamkhanproductions looks nice. The guys might need a closer picture to help you further though.