Foundry Tracker instability

Batvink Posts: 70 Just Starting Out*

Below you can see a foundry-tracked 3D model. You can see that the background video has a lot of definition, with square blocks on the ground plane. Can anyone help me understand why there is so much movement of the model when the ground plane is probably the best you could wish for?


  • Triem23
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    Sure, I'll give it a stab.

    Is it a phone video, because it looks to me like you have some "Jell-O effect" going on in the footage, which the tracker will read as movement. Also, there's an exposure change in the video, which, again, might read as movement. Did you use a matte to tell the tracker to ignore the reflections in the windows and doors? Tracker read reflections as incorrect movement. Finally, while the ground had lots of grid-like paving stones, it's visibly far from flat.

  • Batvink
    Batvink Posts: 70 Just Starting Out*

    Thanks for the pointers. I didn't consider the window reflections as possible confusing movement. I'll mask these out and try again.

    Although the floor isn't perfectly flat I would hope that Foundry could deal with minor bumps, otherwise it is going to fail for 95% of use cases...that is, anything other than a studio floor. I selected points in the flattest area to define the floor. I'll mask out the front flags and use the back 5 rows.