The contents of the file cannot be read

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I was working on a project in Hitfilm Pro 2017 for a few hours today, saving periodically, and once it was done I went to render the final file and it threw an error immediately and cancelled the render. I thought it might have been due to an issue with the uncompressed AVI I was using in the editor bay, so I went to re-render the composite shot that had created the AVI. I was going to re-render it as a new file type. When that one started it immediately threw the same error and just cancelled. The error just says, "Error" in the export queue.

So then I thought it might just be an issue with memory or some sort of cache, anything reasonable. So I saved, then restarted the program and went to reload my save file. Now it says, "HitFilm Pro 2017 cannot open 'projectname.hfp'. The contents of the file cannot be read. Obviously I was starting to get worried, so I decided to restart my whole computer to see if it was some sort of memory issue or association issue. Even after I restarted it still says it can't read the contents of the file.

Now I'm pissed. There is not reason why this should have happened, and I didn't duplicate my save file because this has never happened before. I was done the project and it only took a couple hours. The project file says it is 48KB in size, but it just won't load. What the hell do I need to do here to get this project open and finish my render? It doesn't even make sense that regular use like this could corrupt it.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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    Try this first.

    Try clearing out the HitFilm cache files.

    On Windows they are normally found around here.

    C:\Users\{your computer login}\AppData\Local\FXHOME\{your version of hitfilm}\cache\Media

    9/10 that solves the problem.

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    For any and all corrupted files, always check the health of the drive the file is using and hitfilm caches to

    Contacting support to try to bring it back to life would be a good idea.

    Saving and creating backups of your critical files is advisable. Theres plenty software that does this automatically. This will prevent this from happening in the future.

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    Looking at a copy of the corrupted file in Notepad++ shows that the XML has been deleted halfway through. What I found is that I had somehow maxed out the space on my drive, and then for some reason this caused Hitfilm to delete half of the project file even though it had already been saved. What this says to me is that Hitfilm was not able to successfully save the project to the harddrive, but did not throw an error or alert to advise this. It just truncated the project file. This is absurd, had I known it wasn't saving because there was no harddrive space, I could have made some room while the project was still open in memory and then saved it once there was space left.