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After having part of one of my videos used by another youtuber, in a disparaging way, I am considering dropping my youtube account altogether.
I complained to youtube's 'powers that be' and lodged a formal complaint but apparenty, youtube has no interest in enforcing their own guidelines and/or policies- which I politely threw back in their faces. 
Has anyone out there experienced any problems with someone on the youtube community and if so, how did you go about resolving any issues? Did you talk to anyone at youtube about it? Did it help or was it left unresolved?
Anyone know if Vimeo is any better at enforcing their policies?


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    Theres a policie when you post a video that you agree anyone can "edit" and other one that will restirct the copyright to you.
    If you think you are in any form damaged you can contact first the people from the channel that used you video, so if they dont remove or you dont get an agreement you need to contact Youtube about this problem and they will look at your case, but this take sometime. This will always happen any video publisher site.
    At same time think about that what you did is something that people want to copy and use, so its a good thing!
    But talk to the guys in the other channel anyway.
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    Yeah- I did talk to the guy on the other channel which was my first instinct. He was disrespectful and rude. He changed the entire meaning and intent of the original video- as I said, in a disparaging way. Granted, humor is subjective but I honestly don't see how anyone could have taken my video so seriously.
    Youtube also has policies about how to treat one another on their website but they don't seem
    too interested in addressing that aspect either. I just get a general statement regarding any specifics I
    bring up. They are very evasive.
    I also looked at the descriptions of fair use and it seems to be more applicable to factual
    videos i.e. news, documentaries, historical etc. rather than original creations where there
    is the intellectual 'theft' line. They won't address that either.
    I've communicated with youtube copyright staff and all they say is they are 'concerned' about my
    violation claim and the other guys video remains active.
    That's why I'm about to say 'whatever' and just keep a couple vids posted- possibly a new one describing
    how youtube staff, by allowing their own guidelines and policieis to be broken so easily, is no better than the video pirates in China just to see how they would react. ;) 
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    My personal opinion based on personal experience:
    I can't stand youtube. I dislike pretty much everything about it. It has easily one of the most toxic comment sections on the internet. The interface is ugly and non-intuitive. Their video compression looks terrible. And they're becoming so huge that they don't really care what happens to anyone who isn't bringing in a ton a revenue for them.
    I use vimeo. Way better community. Better looking video. Better interface. Because they are a smaller company they put some restrictions on uploads for people who use the free version, but I was always fine with the free version. The restrictions on uploads isnt that bad. Vimeo is much more geared towards content creators and the community is really made up of predominantly content creators. People are way nicer and leave positive oriented feedback even when its criticism. Aslo, vimeo staff are far more involved in the community and their tech support is much better.
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    @StormyKnight we've talked (in general) on these threads about copy right and much to my chagrin people were not willing to accept what was being said.&nbsp; If someone takes your video and changes the meaning and in effect creates something new with it...&nbsp; That's legal.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I will post the Disney rip off video that uses Disney movies to explain it.<br />
    <br /><br />
    <br />
    &nbsp; That's why youtube didn't do anything.
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    To be blunt, Google and Youtube are not interested in protecting your copyright unless you're a billion-dollar company. And, often, not even then. Part of it is the sheer volume of uploads processed. There just isn't enough manpower in any company to view every video uploaded. Oh, sure, there's some "Gracenote" tech to identify use of copywritten music tracks, which might activate the automatic "This can't be shown in Germany." filter, but, for the most part, it's not going to be enforced.
    Why? Any percentage I give would be pulled right from my ass--but a huge percentage of YouTube videos are stolen, copywritten material. Period. If YouTube actually ENFORCED copyright, most of YouTube would vanish, and the users would leave.
    Ever see someone's video where, near the start or end they type something like "Characters owned by x. All Copyright with x. No Copryright infringment intended?" Usually the person who posted that ISN'T doing a review, parody, comparison, or other "fair use" posting--it's just a straight segment of whatever is posted. And, of course saying "I don't own this, but I don't intend to infringe on copyright" magically makes it better, because.... No, wait, it doesn't. It's flat-out copyright violation, and putting up a "Copyright x" notice when violating copyright doesn't cover the poster, morally OR legally!
    That said, I'll admit a few of my own postings are violations of copyright. I have a couple of Star Trek/Wars animations up there using Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams music I didn't license. There, i said it. I knowingly violated copyright law--why? Because Google ain't gonna do squat about it, unless my page explodes and I become a 500,000 hit/video person.....
    This applies to Google overall as well--Google gets a lot of mileage out of encouraging criminal activity.... Why? If they enforced the law, they would lose users and revenue.
    Here's a quick test: Go ahead and Google and YouTube this phrase: "Download Hitfilm 2 Ultimate Free" notice how the first page of both searches has all kinds of files search services and videos showing you how to steal a $400 software package from our friends here at FxHome. You don't think it's possible to start putting in filters that block certain searches, like results that come up with "Crackz" or "warez" or results from known pirate sites? Cuz, you know, they could...
    But then the world would start screaming censorship and "Free Internet!"
    Vimeo has better video quality than YouTube, and, I suspect they are tighter on enforcement--part of Vimeo's service is limiting how much you can upload. For example, I think you get to upload a single HD video per-week on a free Vimeo Account. The fact that Vimeo charges directly for full service keeps a lot of the slugs off Vimeo
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys!
    I haven't decided what to do yet but y'all did have great points.
    I wonder if I could convince ASCAP to charge the other guy for royalty fees. :)) That would put a stop to people's shenanigans if they were suddenly charged for using other people's stuff.
    I think I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to no longer post videos on youtube and switch to Vimeo. As to my youtube account, I have too many subscriptions to just throw all that away so removal of most of my vids will be a small compromise. I'm still ticked at youtube though. They could at least make it look like they're attempting to do something even for people who don't bring in a bunch of money for them. Guess that shows what their objective is. $$$$$ at any cost.
    And I think I will check into the ASCAP angle since I am a member. I just want to see what their reaction would be. I'm not actually expecting much but it doesn't hurt to inquire. heh-heh.
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    +1 on Vimeo. My disgust level for YouTube went through the roof and prompted me to look into better alternatives when I kept getting those bogus copyright infringement notices from a supposed "copyright organization" or something a split second after uploading....for videos containing ENTIRELY MY OWN MUSIC AND CONTENT. Attempting to look up said copyright organization returned squat, and I noticed that as soon as I countered the claim, within seconds I got a message stating that they had somehow looked into the matter and removed their claim. I suspect, due to the swiftness of those actions, that the so-called "organization" making the claim is actually just an automated process within YouTube itself. 
    And don't even get me started about their supposed Partner Program, where you let them shove ads down the viewer's throat and in turn you get paid....squat, once again.
    As far as comments are concerned, after a few rounds of the usual "D00D U SUK N R GAY LERN 2 PLAY HAHA U SUK JUST SAYIN THX BYE", I now automatically switch off all comments on new YouTube uploads by default. 
    I then looked into Vimeo, as I've always liked the quality of the streaming videos from them along with the overall much cleaner look and feel of the site itself. When I first looked into it, the thing that immediately impressed me was that when I had a question about the different types of accounts....I got a response from an actual human, and in a timely manner. Compared to YouTube's crap, that alone went a long way for me. I sprung for the paid account type one level up for free, and have been real happy since.
    The only thing I haven't changed in my own MO with Vimeo is that I still automatically disable comments - well, not entirely: I allow only the people I follow to post comments (not that I get many... LOL). But I might re-think that soon - as Null Unit pointed out, it seems like you're dealing with a much more mature group of people on Vimeo as far as that's concerned. So maybe I'll throw caution to the wind and let folks comment there.
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    Thanks for the input, Har. I appreciate and can relate to your problems w/youtube. I too had a copyright challenge to something that was totally my creation when it was uploaded (it was one of the Christmas songs of mine that's still posted). I guess I was lucky 'cause it only happened one time. When I inquired about it, there was never any reply and the video was suddenly fine when I tried uploading it a second time. I didn't look at the time who the challenge was from 'cause I just assumed it was a youtube glitch seeing as the problem never repeated. I will count myself lucky in that regard.
    I'll be looking into Vimeo pricing but even if I can only stay with the free account I already have, I think it will still be a better move in the long run. I don't post every other day so being limited to a certain number of uploads over a limited period of time may not be an issue.....yet. ;) If it is a problem I may buckle down and pay for an upgrade.
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    Ironically, removed.
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    Ironically, removed.

    No, it's there...I can watch it. The title and pre-show graphic just looks like it.  :)

  • StormyKnightStormyKnight Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,726 Ambassador
    The thumbnail used to show the vid is pretty tricky. Makes you think nothing is going to be there but there is. :)
    I almost ignored it.
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    Yeah, I had the same reaction when I originally saw it too. This is a different situation than Stormy's but its a good video about how digital copyright is still very much in the "wild west", "anything goes" phase.
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    Har, I just noticed your comment about your own content being flagged as infringement of copyright. I have that issue myself. It's kind of fun sending YouTube the, "Um, yeah, I AM the copyright holder" letter. For whatever reason YouTube's database has my band's music listed as being managed by CD baby (what, not iTunes?).
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    I have music distributed through CD Baby myself using their tie-in with Rumblefish and their digital distribution through iTunes, etc, and any videos I have connected to that DOES get flagged, but in a different way: essentially I'll get that copyright message saying that CDBaby or Rumblefish is putting a claim on it, but it's actually just for their own tracking/monitizing purposes. I made **** sure the legalese was clear that they don't claim actual ownership of anything I do through them before signing on for it.
    That did throw me originally, and I freaked out on CDBaby the first time it happened before they explained what was actually going on with that. But if you don't have any connection to CDBaby yourself, you might wanna check into what's going on. (for the record I've been pretty unhappy with CDBaby these days and have been slowly moving all my music distribution to Bandcamp instead over time).
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