Using HitFilm to Colorize a Black and White Photo

I am using HitFilm to colorize a Black and White photograph. I have watched a few tutorials on how to do this in Photoshop and then translated the techniques to HitFilm. I am wondering if anyone has ever done this before, and if so, would have any advice on techniques I might use?

Here is my project so far...


  • Georgefilm
    Georgefilm Posts: 497 Enthusiast

    Looks nice. No, Amazing! Only critique is the yellowish tone on the face, Duplicate layer with curves (or levels) to make it more like skin tone.

    Rest of it looks amazing!

  • DataDesign
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    Looks super good. Well done. Keep this up then make a tutorial on how you did it!

  • FilmSensei
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    Advice taken...

    Has anyone ever done this before in any application? I am really looking for technical advice more than anything.

  • Georgefilm
    Georgefilm Posts: 497 Enthusiast

    I'm guessing you've watched this,

    Besides that, I don't have any technical advice, great job, and good luck!

  • EvilDaystar
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    I've played around with it in Gimp but was never happy with the results but thats a problem with my skills not the tool.

    This seems like z good video.

  • Dimipapa
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    VEGAS Pro has a nifty colorization effect using A.I. probably similar to what people have been using the colorize black and white video recently. I used it on the image, as usually it came out OK, not great.

  • Dibz
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    I have played around with this and can say hand on heart it is not as easy as it looks, so well done on the results you have achieved.

    I found one of the best things to help apart from what's said above is having a great resource for your colour references for clothes, uniforms and the other surroundings like buildings etc. Once you have then picked those colours, experiment with them until they do look right.

    Work in layers for each colour/ part and mark each layer such as hair, shirt, jumpers, grass and so on as a new layer and label it up as it a good working practice and from what I have seen you can end up with a lot of layers.

    I have found using a brush mask coupled with the colour pickers from the various colour effects makes easier work, then in theory you are just painting in the colour wherever it is required.