[Feature] Pick Whip Tool

jackschoening Posts: 96 Enthusiast

I think there should be a parent pick whip like in After Effects. Where you can parent data to certain properties like Position.


  • Andersen01498
    Andersen01498 Posts: 1,199 Enthusiast

    100% agree, I think Fx home is trying to use behaviors but its still not the same. Pick whip is the way to go

  • jackschoening
    jackschoening Posts: 96 Enthusiast

    I think you mean expressions but I am talking about a parenting tool that can attach certain properties from 1 layer to another. This could also mean there could be a pick whip tool on mask position properties so you could parent a mask to a point layer.

  • jackschoening
    jackschoening Posts: 96 Enthusiast

    This also make parenting easier as you can just click and drag the whip to other layers.

  • The0Justinian
    The0Justinian Posts: 6 Just Starting Out*

    I am looking for more ways to link the properties of layers to one another besides parenting, motion tracks, and set mattes. There are thinks like linking the fill color/hue colorize to a neon glow that simply can't be done that way, with lots of use cases (keeping the neon glow matching the colorize in time.

    This is part of a general gap in procedural, non-destructive tools in HF which make mograph/advertising work difficult to pursue (because templating is difficult). Likewise for YouTube work where one talks about a 'thing of the week,' procedural linking of properties is a big deal.