HitFilm Express 15.2 won't open

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HitFilm Express 15.2 won't open

HitFilm Express Version 15.2 won't run on my PC. I double click the icon then... white screen.

I've checked Task Manager and there are no processes running.

My device is a laptop msi GF63 Thin 9SC i9, 32 gigs ram, Windows 10 (64-bit) , fully updated, Nvidia GeForce GTX1650 with max Q, with latest drivers. Everything else runs fine.

I had the previous version and upgraded. At first it worked but I bought and installed HitFilm Express VFX Artist add on and then I can not open it.

I reinstalled it but it still does not open.

Any answers please HitFilm? I have checked your forums and don't see this as a problem posted here so far. I'd love to try it out and


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    @atheodosis I have moved your post to the Community Support forum as you will much more likely to have technical eyes on it here than in Show Off. Hope you dont mind.

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    I had that happen to me in Express 15 but it went away. While it could be something i did since dont exactly run any of my components with default settings in mind. But thought id chime in since i rarely encounter crashes or what appears to be a bug.

    For this particular one all i did was i forced admin on the exe in the directory (not shortcut). Might have worked for me. Knock on wood...

    Would have to update this comment with specs after work

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    Additionally, some people have been able to solve the issue by installing as administrator. That may have the same affect as running the exe as admin.