[ENHANCEMENT] Opacity Bar on Composite Shot Layers?

Triem23 Posts: 20,689 Ambassador

This might not be practical, given the small heights of Comp Shot Layers - or might require additional work to allow Comp Shot layer heights to be changed - but being able to quickly add Opacity keyframes to a Clip by CTRL+Clicking on the Opacity Bar of an Editor Clip would be a very useful thing, indeed in a comp shot. Just for simple fade in/out of an element it's a lot faster to CRTL+Click/Drag the Opacity bar than set a keyframe, move to Controls, set an opacity Value, move the playhead, return to Controls, enter a new value....

I won't ask for the audio version of this to replicate in a Comp. That gets A) really impractical to add two dynamic envelopes to a single object block, and B ) arguably unimportant in a Comp since the current Hitfilm workflow really wants audio editing in the Editor timeline.