All of a suddon : hitfilm logo appears on exports

VeroniqueVanImschoot Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

I ' m using Hitfilm Express for quite some time. Still using version 12. Suddenly, my exports have the Hitfilm Logo all over. I have an activated version, though. Does someone have the same problem ? Do I have to upgrade ?



  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesPosts: 1,647 Moderator

    This is usually one of 2 things, either HitFilm needs to be reactivated, or you used an effect marked as an “Add-on”.

    You can check if you’re still activated by looking at the top right corner of the HitFilm window. If there’s a box that says ACTIVATE, click it and log back into the software.

    If that doesn’t work, check your effects panel for anything labeled “Add-on”. Remove any effects that apply.