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Hey everyone. Seeing how going out and filming can be a little challenging right now (or maybe you don't have anyone to film with like myself), I figured I'd put together a list of resources we can use to practice our mad l337 editing skills on. :)

I'll break this down into a couple of categories: Footage, Music, SFX, VFX


I'm looking at more than just a stock clip of a guy pointing at a screen here but for things like short scenes but some clips might not meet that requirement if they are interesting enough (JUST DO IT!!!!)

I would love it if larger studios would release the raw footage from projects that have come out of copyright protection for people to play with but that's never going to happen. :(

I'll start with the CineStudy Interactive Challenges page.

Essentially CineStudy has tons of full short films or sketches with all the captured media and a challenge or objective. This is great since the challenge usually aims to teach you a specific editing task in a system agnostic way.

One thing is that sometimes ... the footage has issues. Out of focus shots for example or for one project, they had one scene with "vfx" baked in instead of raw but still an awesome resource.

I don't bother listing them individually since they have quite a few projects (19 as of writing).

Some of my favorites up to date:

Restaurant Scene | Hospital Scene | Horror Movie Scene

Next is FXHome itself. Many of their shorts on the HitFilm Express page have project files. Example:

FXHome - DarkSaber Green Screen | FXHome - Portal Combat

Next is Hollywood Camera Work. They have two pages of green screen footage (thanks @NormanPCN) .

Tracking Plates | Green Screen Plates

If you have a bit of money to throw at this. EditStock has a bunch of movies to edit but for a single user liscence it's like 50$ - 80$ Canadian.

Here are other random clips.

Shia LeBeouf Motivational green screen

A REALLY old scene from Film Riot

Production footage kindly donated by the indie producers of Vagrant (2017)

I'll add more later and as I find more.


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    Footage: Pexels & Pixabay. [No copyright, royalty free & Totally free]

    SFX: [Totally free sound effects]

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    Y'know, this is a great idea for a thread. Not something I've consciously thought about in a long time but one thing that was nice about film school was getting all the dailies of a scene from a TV show for use in editing classes*.

    *one dumb/fun thing about getting dailies was seeing the hands of the PA throwing dirt into frame for the shot of the dude reacting to being knocked to the ground in a fight scene.

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    Using music is a touchy subject. You can't just grab media from wherever and even if a site says the music is free you have to be careful and only use music from sites you trust. With some rando site on the internet you have no clue who posted the music and if they even had the rights to that music and using it in your video or film could see anything from your video being demonetized on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch ..., your account on those same networks hit with a strike or even being sued for copyright infringement.

    That being said, I'm only going to list sources I TRUST. You should do your own due diligence going forward.

    To start, you need a program to manage your music and sound library. I use ADSR Sample Manager. It is free and works great for me. If anyone has other good options, please leave a comment.

    Ok! So let's add a few good music sources.

    Now on to the MUSIC

    Everyone and their mother probably already knows about Kevin MacLeod and Incompetech.

    Kevin has literally thousands of original compositions ranging from a wide variety of styles available for use with Attribution of for a very low cost if you don't want to attribute the songs. He also has graph paper templates for some reason ...

    Here is the link to his Music site.

    Next we have one of our own Forum contributors @EricMatyas who's provided a massive library of original works. He has a thread he updates here and here is his website.

    YouTube has a vast OFFICIAL library available for use as well. If you go into your YouTube Studio control panel there is an option for Audio Library. It has Free Music and Sound Effects. The license is actually short and sweat as well and oyu can find it at the bottom of the list of tracks.

    In the "Not Free but Flipping Awesome" Category we have Filmstro.

    If I had regular client work for more narrative pieces? I'd totally break my "I hate Subscription Services" rule and use this service. I don't mind paying for things but I hate RENTING software.

    Here is an older video about Filmstro from the guys over at FilmRiot ...

    ... and Another from FXHome ...

    More to come later.

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    Triem23 Posts: 20,303 Power User is a paid site (yearly subscription, but unlimited downloads) that has music under its "Audioblocks" banner. One nice thing about Storyblocks is they offer legal support. If YouTube erroneously flags a Storyblocks track you've used, contact them with your copy of your license and they'll take care of the copyright claim in a day or two. That back end music support is nice. is a new, paid site for music and sound effects. They add new media every week, and (I think) are still in their "lifetime customer" tier before they go subscription. offers a lifetime membership model. They've got music, stock video, stock photos, stock graphics elements and a fantastic library of sound effects. The lifetime tier gets access to all the audio, most of the graphics and all the 1080p video. 4k is a yearly additional subscription.