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Hey community,

I want to do a kind of basic thing that I thought wouldn´t be so hard; but I am stuck now. :(

Here´s the idea: I film a person in front of a mirror (seeing the person looking into the mirror), then walking in a half-circle to see at the end the person from side-behind and the reflection of the face in the mirror. As you can imagine, I want the mirror to reflect something else than the persons face. So I filmed the same scene again, but this time you can see something different in the mirror. I filmed it twice just using my body/hand, meaning that the position and time of the camera is NOT the same.

Question: how do I get to line up the second videos mirror to the first ones?

In post-production, I thought of masking out both mirrors, using Mocha (I have Hitfilm Pro). Then, I thought of tracking the four points of the mirror (original video), using the Quad Warp Effect for the second video mask and pin the 4-points of the Quad Warp Effect to the 4 corners of the first video. But by using the Quad Warp Effect, it (obviously) not taking the 4 corners of the mirror but the 4 corners of the whole masked video.

Anyone has a better idea how to get it done? I could do it manually, but it wouldn´t be that smoothly.

I hope you understand my problems. If not, I could attach a short video for better understanding.

Thanks in advance!


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  • wirrdad
    wirrdad Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

    Excellent and thanks for your comments and ideas! Before I started filming the scene, I knew I was going down a very messy road, but anyways I tried - and failed - and learned a lot (especially planing before doing; my biggest mistake all the time). hehehe...

    I will refilm the shot and use a tripod and a clean cut. No need for hard-working masking if it´s not necessary; eventhough I love these experiments using HitFilm.

    Anyways, to give you an idea what it´s about, here´s an image. Kind of impossible, as you all mentioned, to cover the masked mirror onto the original one, without jumps, losing the perspective, etc.

    Thanks again! 😏