Ripple Tool Question

Hello one and all, I have a question about using the ripple tool: So right now I have a project I'm working on where i'm just trying to take ~20 hours of film and cutting it down to about 10mins. So I know the ripple tool can change the rate of the clip but i've found that for the clip i'm getting "choppy" edits beyond a certain threshold. Is this just an inherent property as you get close to small times or is there a setting to change how smooth/rough the tool is? If this has been asked before, apologies and a link to the thread will send me on my way! Thanks!


  • Stargazer54
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    @MTechProductions I am probably not understanding your issue but I recommend using the short cuts C (for slice) and V for (for select) and Alt+Delete for Ripple Delete. Select C to cut the footage in two places. Use V to select the middle you want to throw away, then ALT+Del to remove the unwanted portion and the right side of the timeline automatically slides down to butt up against the first cut point.

    Scroll down the timeline, rinse and repeat. I would suggest not worrying about being precise in your cuts and leave a little after the first cut and a little extra before the second cut before ripple delete. You should be able to cruise through your footage pretty quickly this way. Then fine tune your edits later. Make sure to keep incremental copies of the project - do a few edits, save a version, do some more edits, save the next version and so on.