[FEATURE] Add INSTA360 workflow .insv videos support

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Is there any chance that HitFilm will be supporting .insv files from INSTA360 cameras so there will be no necesarry stiching ? I would love to not stich it in other format just click and drop and mount my video


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    @lukaszgaluszka I edited your request title slightly to make it comply with the Request rules located in the post at the top of this forum. A review of it will help keep the list nice and tidy.


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    This is tricky as the Insta's native format is dual-spherical, not equirectangular. Such a feature would need to convert dual-spherical to equirectangular and would likely require other controls to make this a "generic" dual-spherical to equirectangular plug in (otherwise, as a Rylo guy, I feel left out. So would the GoPro MAX users.

    Remapping 4k, 5.7k, 8k (hello, QooCam) dual-spherical to equirectangular would require a lot of processing power. You'd have to pre-render the comp shot to get smooth performance - or just render equirectangular video from Hitfilm to re-import. At that point you've lost any time savings from not just rendering out of the Insta app.

    Vegas has a dual-spherical to equirectangular mapper and I've never gotten a good result from it.

    Those are technical hurdles - the next is licensing. All the cam makers have their own proprietary formats and this is to specifically force you into their apps (there was no other reason to not record mp4/h.265 to begin with!). Who knows if Insta will bite..

    None of this means it can't be done (this is where I note Mods and Ambassadors aren't FXHOME Staff - we're volunteers - and we have no say in development), merely pointing out the hurdles. It wouldn't be the first, second or third time I pointed out difficulties with a feature request that FXHOME's amazing devs made happen!

    I'd like to see a "generic" dual-spherical to equirectangular mapper in HF myself. @lukaszgaluszka how would you feel about rewriting your first post a bit to mention other cam formats - GoPro Max, Rylo 360, Qoocam, etc... - and rewriting your headline to something like "Dual Sphere to Equirectangular Mapping for 360 camera file" s to make this request more useful to ALL 360 degree cam owners? Otherwise users of other cams write "me too" requests and we get 8 threads. 1 thread is easier for the devs to follow and would consolidate all up votes from all 360 cam owners? Sound good?

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    @tddavis HAH! I was just about to add "[FEATURE] when I finished my above post!

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    Stitching isn't going to be easier with a plugin. It's pretty hard even with the Insta360 desktop program itself. Insta360 are "dealing" with some bugs now. Maybe. They're pretty slow to fix things and prefer to add features no one asked for, because: Marketing!

    Want to see how hard it is to stitch things? Turn off Dynamic Stitching and Chromatic Calibration. Set the view to Flat to see the whole panorama and watch the vertical sections at 1/4 and 3/4 of the display - which are where the two lens stitch lines are. Then press Calibrate. Then do it again, and again and again. Each time it will change, as it chooses something different to align with along the seams. You just have to do it yourself multiple times to get the 'least worst' result and export that one. Of course you won't know what is the 'least worst' one until you've passed it, so expect to go around about 10+ times until you recognise the one where it looks the best you've seen so far on previous attempts and has landed on it again. Turn back on Chromatic Calibration to blend the lighting of each lens and Export.

    Don't use Dynamic Stitching unless you want random flickering at your hand or when contrasting objects pass between the lens boundaries. Better to get the best 'manual' calibration yourself. Also avoid Color Plus on export, as it goes weird with bright skies and blows them out. Better to use curves and HSL in Hitfilm or 'other' NLE.

    Also, for best quality, turn off ALL GPU options for, Display, Playback and Export. Using GPU it caps at ~20Mb/s even if you turn it up to 200Mb/s and looks blocky and awful. With CPU only, you can use 75-100 and get much better results, as it uses all of it.

    Worth asking for Hitfilm's 360 tools to be improved though, as they're pretty thin.