[Enhancement] Allow Tracking of Composite shots.

Palacono Posts: 3,425 Enthusiast

Simple tracking of composite shots is not possible. Isn't it about time it was?

It's always been an awkward limitation that you can only track 'original' footage and not something that's been de-fisheyed, or otherwise corrected or enhanced - even to make tracking easier, such as with Contrast or Threshold.

Mocha can do it and if you have HF Pro or the plugin with Express (great buy when it's on sale, BTW) you can send your footage to that. But then you have to ask: why can't Hitfilm do it when it's literally sending the frames to Mocha itself in the first place?

Lots of reasons to want to do this and in AE you are always nesting composite shots to combine things and make them more manageable for other tools. Would be nice if Hitfilm did it too.

See the Action Movie Dad tutorial here for how many times he used this ability in AE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXRxx8LuSbs