Mouse drag numeric field change issue.

NormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,062 Enthusiast

With the Imerge app window maximized and if it want to drag the brush radius bigger, the mouse cursor hits the display edge at about 40 and stops me changing it further. The feature id dependent on the relative cursor position.

I believe this is a bad implementation. I believe Hitfilm performs this function correctly. I am not talking about Hitfilm moving left/right versus up/down of Imerge. I am talking about Hitfilm capturing the mouse, disabling the cursor during the movement/drag, and on drag end (button up) the cursor is exactly where it started. This method works for any amount of movement right at the edge of the display bounds.

In Imerge with the brush properties right at the window top, and probably everyone running maximized, those controls are right near the display bounds.

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