Imerge Export is bonkers

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Nuff said.

The batch export goes out of it ways to stop me from a simple export using the project name as the filename. It just wants to export to 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Bonkers.

I get some of the options for the whole compositing thing. If that is all you offer then okay...bye.

The "default" export option gets into a state where the filename field is disabled, giving no ability to attempt to set a filename option. Just close and open the export panel/panel. If I delete the 'default' panel and create a new default panel then the filename field is now available (not disabled). Available, but it is ignored unless my project meets the various specs as documented in the manual for export naming.

The folder field should be sticky or a preference for default. It often gets reset to the folder Imerge thinks I should export to. Not something that I have previously exported to, which a sticky would handle. A preference is preferable 😉 to what is currently offered.

The content variations and custom export list kinda complicates something that should be simple. At least others keep it simple. I get some of what you are trying to offer for crazy layered projects but why is the app ramming that down my throat, when my project is trivial.


What Imerge should offer. Export by the damn project file name. Heck even export with a fixed name and an export number if you are hung up on the export number thing. Something other than files named 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

Since Imerge does not have a file browser batch exporting is kinda limited. We can queue things I suppose.


The simple/quick export does use the project file name but does not offer features available in batch. Things like image resize, EXIF export and whatnot.

Why not let the simple single export have some options like batch. Resize, EXIF, ?.


If I have a portrait aspect image/project and I choose to export EXIF from that layer. I only have one layer which is the raw file. Then the exported image gets displayed incorrectly. This is because the EXIF orientation field has not been cleared and still marks the image as needing rotation. Some EXIF cannot just be blindly copied. Orientation, image dimensions and such.


Save for web option. The DOCs.

Save for web: Adds specific metadata to the exported image which is useful for internet use. If you

are exporting images for use on the internet, toggle this option on.

Disagree. It removes something. A file signature of all things. I've diff'd your output on both settings.

The tooltip is better stating that it removes information from the file.

On this option. Really!? you remove the JFIF APP0 marker. By my reading/understanding, this is mandatory for a JFIF file. Maybe you are targeting some other spec for save for web. Why? I've checked output from various apps and they are all JFIF compliant jpegs. There is at least one RFC that specs JFIF.


Jpeg export, quick or batch, should have an option to embed the profile signature. Always good to have an explicit file should we so desire. Really jpeg export should offer more than sRGB.