[FEATURE] Keyboard shortcut for highlight/shadow clipping display.

NormanPCN Posts: 4,215 Expert

Right now all we have is a menu and we have to enable/disable two items. Shadow and highlight are separated.

I suggest the following. Have a single keyboard shortcut. Something preferably modifierless like of the the basic 26 letters. This shortcut would cause a transient display of clipping. In other words it triggers on receipt of the keydown event (enable clipping display trigger) and reverts to the menu state on the keyup event.

So if I just want to look for clipping, I just press that key and release when I am done. If I am dragging something in the exposure effects panel, I can hold the shortcut key to have clipping displayed while I am dragging one of the effects sliders.

If I want permanent display, well I have the menu.