[FEATURE] Proper white balance support for RAW sources

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Imerge offers a white balance shifter which operates anywhere in the effect chain.

I can only assume on a raw conversion Imerge is using the camera white balance setting for the raw conversion to RGB. Given a Bayer sensor is basically monochrome one needs a white balance setting to generate an RGB image. Imerge does not offer us this white balance setting. All other raw editors I have used give this to us.

Given the Imerge UI this should probably be in the content panel. The usual blue/yellow slider but also offering an entry field for a kelvin white balance. Then of course the tint slider. Of course an eyedropper. The eye dropper moves the sliders. The sliders/entry should be preloaded with the camera settings. I like/want to know the camera white balance setting.

Often offered by raw editors but I never use is a drop down with common white balance settings. Most also offer their own auto white balance in that list. Generally I have usually seen this some out quite similar to my Canon camera auto white balance.

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