[FEATURE] Export Layers to Hitfilm Comp Shot (Added in IM 2021.1)

Triem23 Posts: 20,694 Ambassador
edited September 2021 in Imerge

Ideally this could leave effects and masks editable, but, as the internal order of operations are different between programs, I'd settle for rendering each layer as a separate PNG or EXR (or TIFF. TGA - anything supporting alpha) and wrapping the entire thing in an hfcs file.

The goal is to be able to prepare multiplanar matte paintings, etc. in Imerge and easily transfer to Hitfilm for 3D compositing and further animation.

This is different than sending a flat copy to Hitfilm which could probably be done by Hitfilm opening an Imerge project as a single media file (which is a different request).

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