[FEATURE] Grouping clips on editor timeline

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edited November 2020 in HitFilm

I debated with myself for some time about making this a NEW feature request or merging it with one of two other requests that were similar. I am sorry if I made the wrong decision.

Anyway, I would like to add the ability to group clips together with either a section tool or by CTRL clicking to select several clips and right click to create a group or remove from group. This would be especially useful for multi-cam shoots. You align all the video and audio tracks together before editing, then as you move things forward or backward all the grouped clips move at once, so you don't lose the sync. Often syncing is easy at first due to an intentional clap or something, but further down the timeline it gets much more difficult as you cut up and edit your footage.

Vegas (and others) has this type of option available. It is very useful when dealing with multi-cam shoots, and/or multiple audio mics from a shoot. Although we can just use another editor and move to Hitfilm for composite shots, it would still be better to do everything in Hitfilm, that is why it has both parts in the first place, right? :) Just making an awesome product even better. Thanks for your time and for making such a great piece of software. And thanks for all the great tutorials, it makes learning so much easier!