how to make image appear and disappear in composite shot

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i have a composite shot with two images

i would like one image to pop after 1 second, do some zoom and pan, and disappear on the 2 second mark, and then image two will pop, do some zoom and pan, and disappear on the 3 second mark. i tried using key frames with opacity, but the change is gradual from key frame to key frame. so the image fades in and out instead of popping in.

how can make this happen?



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    Welcome to HitFilm!

    If you add 2 keyframes, it's gradual as you experienced, but using another type is not really advisable, unnecessary processing. I would place the video and images like shown in the image below. Regular keyframing still applies and should simplify the process of the effect that you want to achieve with the zoom & pan.

    Green: Video

    Blue: Image 1 and 2

    This is the zoom slider in both Editor and Composite timelines if lining up your images frame perfect becomes difficult

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    @amirflax There are different types of keyframes that you can use. Here is a picture of where you can find the different keyframes...

    This is taken directly from the HitFilm Manual...

    • Linear: Interpolates from one keyframe to the next without any smoothing. The value changes the same amount on each frame.
    • Smooth: As the keyframe approaches, the size of the value change per frame will get smaller, resulting in a gradual adjustment into and out of the keyframe.
    • Smooth In: The smoothing only occurs on the left of the keyframe.
    • Smooth Out: The smoothing only occurs on the right of the keyframe.
    • Constant: Each keyframe value is held as a constant until the next one is reached. There is no interpolation.

    Feel free to take a look at the User Manual for more information...

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    Yup. You'll need to keyframe everything in composite shots or on the editing timeline.

    I did something similar for my mother in laws funeral. My wife and her family wanted a slideshow playing at the parlor and shared online for their family in other countries (we are in Canada, they have family in England and Ireland).

    Did this with keyframed: position, opacity, zoom ...

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    thank you all for helping

    using constant keyframe did the trick