Exercises to practice photography on a daily basis - training the creative muscles?

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I’ve been doing photography on and off for 15 years now, started as a teenager. I’ve had a loooong creative dry spell on every level and my dearest hobby suffered from it massively. Until the pandemic I was mainly taking photos when travelling, but I don’t know when that will be an option again and I really miss my alone time with my camera. The creative thirst is also coming back slowly.

Does anyone know a source where there are a set of exercises / topics to give you a little start and guidance? The photo blog used to release this calendar with a word for each day, but I think they skipped 2020.

Thanks 🙏🏻


  • Andy001z
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    Radical idea, take a dictionary, flip through the pages and stop where u feel like them take your finger run down the words and stop, what's the word. Use it to inspire you.

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    Thank you for your reply helpful reply andy.

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    There are a lot of 30-day photo challenge lists to be found on the internet, and those can be helpful for forcing the creative juices to flow a bit. Quite a few examples here, so you could pick one that looks interesting and go for it:


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    How about taking a look at a 52 weeks photo challenge.

    1 photo a week that is to a set theme for each week. There are plenty of people organising things like this and it really helps to get you thinking about what you are going to shoot but also with a little bit of encouragement as ideas are normally suggested for you.

  • Did you do any challenges to fix your rusty skills?. I know that the covid is not gone yet but people are getting out now and the buses and trains are also running. We would really like to know if you have done something to sharpen your photography skills. If you share then many people like you would be able to do the same thing and help themselves.

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    Personally, I have a blog following a bunch of great photographers which I scroll through in any spare time I have and take mental digita notes of varying techniques, compositions, subjects, themes, etc... In doing this, when the time comes to actually shoot I have a selection of ideas up my sleeve.

    If you want little bite sized tips on technique the Scott Kelby Digital books are great if you can get past the parts where he thinks he's funny...

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    I've seen tons of comments on street photography videos people go like "its (curseword) creepy that people are taking photos of strangers without their permission, and its "weird". what's everyone's opinion on street photography though is it really art? do we have to care what the subjects think? is it unethical/creepy?(obviously photographs with the right intention of capturing street moments and not perverting shots)