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I've heard people say that they use after effects and hitfilm. Any reason for this seems strange to not just use after effects


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    A lot of people seem to use a product and suddenly become haters of others. I'm not saying you are, you're just asking a question, but that's what my experience is like browsing many different forums. As it stands, After Effects is more powerful than HitFilm, it can do more things. However, in order to be able to do all things HitFilm can do in After Effects, one must pay almost double the cost of a HitFilm Pro license (and on top of that, a continous subscription). This is often overlooked, but truth be told. Neither are 'best'. I mean if you want a realistic perspective, then you should know that a few that I know of and also VFX artists behind Marvel things use HitFilm to pre-viz shots, and more heavy duty tools to refine their shot. This could be After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, MAYA, Cinema 4D, or what have you.

    From what I've seen browsing forums, the general consensus seem to be to tell all people (beginners as well) to play around with After Effects and learn it because it's the 'industry standard'. That doesn't actually mean anything truth be told, because any tool that can perform the job you need to get done and export in the format you need it to be in for the next artist (or yourself) to continue working on any particular shot is going to suffice. If you're collaborating with other artists in need of the proprietary After Effects files, then absolutely it makes sense, but hardly the reality for most people. At the end of the day, your portfolio matters, not the tools you know, although they can be seen as bonuses if you don't already have a foot inside.

    That's my perspective, and I'm sure this is a topic which will see a lot of discussion and debate, but I do recommend updating the title to better reflect your desired outcome. There's some users of HitFilm who regularly visit the forums that are major players in the editing, audio and VFX industry.

    My personal workflow is:

    Audio: Reaper

    Editing/VFX: HitFilm

    Colour correct/grade: DaVinci

    Photo editing: Corel

    I did recently purchase some add-ons and in the future I may just purchase add-ons to better deal with colour, since I'm exporting to Cineform then back in to HitFilm. It's a slower process but I'm not paid for my work, and that's really the bottomline, I'm just a hobbyist. Right tool for the job!

    Referring to Marvel and pre-viz, here's an article: