Best method for animated reveals

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I have a collection of comic effects, and I'd like to use them to reveal the layer below.

What is the best method for this? I have posted an example below, but there are others that have more complex edges and shapes. So if there is a clever way of using more than just a mask, then I'd love to know.

I've never done it before, but I'm assuming I can save the result as a template and import it as a layer into any project?


  • FilmSensei
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    @Batvink Most likely a combination of masking, keying, and mattes will get it done for you. Each comic effect will be different. How you would proceed to create the transitions from them will depend on certain factors. For example, does the comic effect come with transparency built in, or will you need to make that happen? You will want to create custom transitions out of them and save them for use later. That way you wouldn't have to recreate it everytime. The example tat you show above would be super easy to create a transition out of. Take a look at these videos of mine...

    In this one, I use a Set Matte Effect to show expose the lettering only where the Paint Brush is.

    In this one, I use a expanding ink blot video to reveal the contents underneath it. These technique should be similar to what you are wanting to do.

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    Here is one method of creating your own wipes, but if you are using graphic reveal elements animating a mask is usually the way to go.

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    Thanks for the tips both of you, time to watch some videos!

    Reusable "Custom Transitions" is definitely what I'm looking for :)

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    @Batvink You should be able to bang them out pretty quickly! The good news is you only have to create them once, and then you can use them over and over again!

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    @Batvink I just remembered that I did a tutorial on Matte Transitions on HitFilm. This would also be a good one to take a look at...

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    You're right, they are coming along quickly...

    1. Create a Composite shot of the explosion for matte
    2. Add HSL effect and make black
    3. Pick a frame and export to PNG
    4. Use the exported frame to fill the hole as it expands
    5. Add the matte composite to the main composite with the explosion. Invert the matte to create the transparent hole as the explosion expands, revealing the image underneath.

    I can now do the circular ones in half an hour, and I hope to do the more complex ones in around 45 minutes.

    I haven't exported to an importable template yet, but I'm hoping this is the easy part.

    Thanks for the hep and the videos ;) I'll watch the latest one for more tips.