Z-Axis Corporation - A history of 3D animation

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As promised, (in this thread) here is the link to the history of one of the longest running computer animation companies in the US -Z-Axis Corporation. I worked there for 10 years in the '90's and wish I had never left. I started there in 1990 at the outset of the transformation from analog to digital video production.

The fact that this company survived is due in no small part to it's founder, Dr. Steve Cohen. He was not only a scientist, he was also an artist. A very potent combination. He never quit striving for his vision. This is his story.


I shot and produced this in circa 1999. The interviews were shot on my Canon XL-1 in DVCAM format and edited in DV. I scrubbed this through HF, fixed some interlacing issues and up-scaled to 1080P leaving the 4x3 format view with black bars at the sides.

Right after Scanimate, came the Bosch FGS 4000 - a real time 3D animation system. Z-Axis would get unit 001 and the rest is history.


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