How do I import Media from my iPhone 11 pro?

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I recently shot a 12 minute 4K 60 fps video from an iphone 11 pro and for 2 weeks have been trying to import it into hitfilm express. The video plays fine in VLC media player, I have tried converting it to mp4, it is an MOV file, it just wont work. Other videos have worked using MailDrop, but this video is too big. Any way to split it into 2 separate videos or something like that? Or how can i make the file acceptable for hitfilm?




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    Your video is probably using the HEVC/H.265 video format/codec. Hitfilm does not support this codec. You would have to transcode that to something Hitfilm supports like AVC/H.264. Besides that video from phones is going to be variable frame rate which video editors do not like so that by itself means you will want to transcode. True video cameras always generate constant frame rate video.

    MOV means nothing. Same for MP4. They are just a generic file containers. They can contain many different video format/codecs.

    Handbrake is a free tool useful for transcoding to AVC/H.264 video (x264 encoder) in an MP4 container. Be sure to force a constant frame rate output. VirtualDub 2 is also useful for this and VirtualDub can transcode to Cineform or Prores should that be your desire.

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    Can you tell me the conversion settings I should set (e.g. bitrate). I'm using VLC

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    I have never used VLC to transcode media although I understand it can do so. A quick look shows it either offers almost no control or you have to set every technical option. Not something I care to worry about.

    Here is a thread I created sometime ago which discusses AVC encode settings for faster decode and thus easier editing in Hitfilm. Still applicable with the hardware AVC decode used these days in Hitfilm. I show some settings for Handbrake and VirtualDub. The two applications I previously mentioned.

    Some screenshot photo links appear broken and I cannot edit the posts but text is included with settings. Broken links appears to happens at times when using postimage which is what I used before the forum supported native image upload.

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