Dark theme option not available after purchase of add-on

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Have Express and purchased Edit:Starter. Relnstalled and restarted. Edit:Starter is now ticked.

Going File; Options; Interface . . . I don't get a box allowing selection of Light or Dark theme.

Please advise

Thank you

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  • gerald_d
    gerald_d Website User Posts: 5 Just Starting Out

    This is what I see, and do not see . . . . .

  • tddavis
    tddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,732 Moderator

    @gerald_d If you bought the usual, ordinary Starter Pack from the add-on store that doesn't have the dark mode included. To get it with the starter pack you have to go through the Pay-What-You-Want section and the $9.00 opt on the slider bar will provide access to both the Starter pack and the Dark Mode, if I am not mistaken. As I understand it, this is different so that a portion of the cost from the P-W-Y-W section is donated by FxHome, and regular add-ons are not. Hope that answers your concern.

  • cary_letsche
    cary_letsche Website User Posts: 0

    So why buy the starter pack? Can we get a refund?

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