[ENHANCEMENT] Stay focus on Timeline while clicking text

lyme74 Website User Posts: 7 Just Starting Out

The situation is as such:

  1. I create text, hence on the viewer pane, the text ('A') is selected/highlighted
  2. After that, when I click any text layer on the editor pane (currently shown on the viewer), and press shortcut key to slice at playhead, nothing happens
  3. UNLESS I click the text layer twice OR Choose the "selection tool" on the viewer pane before clicking it
  4. BUT, in (2.), it is not focused on the viewer pane for me to edit text as well, I need to click the viewer pane, and then only I can edit the text.

Here's the opinion: (In situation where the "text" is selected in viewer pane)

  1. When I click the text layer, just direct me to the viewer pane with the selected text layer on focused, so that I can edit the text right away.
  2. Or When I click the text layer, just stay focused on the editor pane, so that I can slice or do anything to it right away